3 Stylist Suggestions You Should Consider Doing Today


Why does your Stylist ALWAYS recommend professional products to you when you check out? No, not to earn commission or because they have to... 

You’ve likely just spent quite a bit on your service, why not purchase the products that will support your hair in the best possible way? 

With the products they suggest they know you’ll be getting guaranteed satisfaction and results.  When left to our own devices to purchase, there is a large chance that you may end up with a product that could strip your color, dry out your hair etc… It is quite shocking just how vastly different a professional product is from a consumer product from a drug store. Also, the right profesional selection is the difference between loving your hair or struggling with it. 


So many of us assume that because they are difficult to get in with, that our Stylists book is completely full and they are no longer taking new clients. That is simply NOT THE CASE! We love meeting new clients and getting to know and create signature looks for new people just as we were able to for you!

We ask for referrals from YOU because we want more people in our chair like you! We know your friends and coworkers that you send to us are going to be amazing clients just like you…

And ask your stylist if they have a referral program. Many do, and offer things like 10% off when you refer someone, or refer 3 people and you get a free service. It is a great way to spread the word about your stylist while saving a bit but still getting fabulous hair!


Listen, we know schedules move around and sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint when you’ll be available for your next cut or color, but if you can, prebook your appointment. This guarantees you a spot on your Stylists book when you know you’ll need it. Often times, waiting to book until you feel like you need an appointment can push you 3-4 weeks farther than you were hoping for. For high maintenance colors and cuts, this will ensure you get your service done on time and don’t become a color correction (AHHHHHHHHH!)

If you’re not ready to pre-book your appointment due to a moving schedule, then ask your Stylist how long you should wait before coming back and put a reminder in your phone to book 2-3 weeks before that. 

So the next time you’re in the salon and your stylist is making any of these suggestions, keep in mind they are all for your BENEFIT, not to be pushy or bothersome. All we want to do as Stylists is make our clients feel comfortable and taken care of, and the best way we know how to do that is to know what you’re using on your hair at home, getting other cool people like you in our chair and making sure we’re seeing you regularly to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

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