5 Ways to hide those grown out ROOTS...

Option 1: Braids!

And the messier the better. For whatever reason, roots look great in braids. Whether you do just two old school kid ones and criss-cross them with some cute clips, or French braids with the ends coiled into knots, this is a great way to get that effortless look with only a tiny bit of effort. 

PRO TIP: rub a dry towel on them to make them look intentionally fuzzy 

For a little more inspo, check out this poolside tutorial which features an easy french braid: 



Option 2: A dry root spray or crayon

We have a few different ones to choose from and they all have their own and place.

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray: they have one of the best natural red shades on the market. The small actuator allows for a detailed fine spray. 
Bumble and bumble. Hair Powder: this is essentially a colored dry shampoo and one of the originals. A lot goes a long way and this packs a punch when it comes to coverage. The Blondish one is great for any dark blonde as it has a nice natural hue. These are very textured and great for absorbing oil as well.
Evo Water Killer: This dry shampoo is found in Clear and Brown shades, which is great for those brunettes that get chalky with normal dry shampoo.
Bumble and bumble. Color Stick: No chalky mess with these waxed crayons that are long lasting and easy to apply. 


Option 3: Wear your hair curly or textured.

This helps break up the obvious root line and will disguise it just a bit longer. Try using a texture spray or texture enhancer like Evo Liquid Rollers or Oribe Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Creme.    

Option 4: Bangs, side bangs or a side part.

This will break the line of the regrowth a bit as well as change up your look!
For options of types of bangs, check out our Bangin’ video. 10 options all done on one person!


Option 5: Color conditioners.

A lot of the darker shades can soften the sparkle of the grey hairs in your regrowth, whereas the reds and violets can enhance the color so it just looks better and less drab or brassy, diverting attention from the roots.
KeraColor Color Clenditioner and Evo Fabuloso Color Boosting Treatment are two of our favorites and they come in all kinds of shades!


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