“BRONDE” haircolor for fall… yes please!

There’s a new haircolor that has been trending for a while now and it looks like it is here to stay! BRONDE hair is not quite blonde, not quite brunette, but a very pretty in-between. And as we move into fall, and are potentially seeing our stylists less often due to the current state of things (ahem… COVID), this color is perfect for your low maintenance needs. 

Here are just a few things you need to know about BRONDE hair:

1. You’ll see a lot more of your natural color coming through.

If you’re used to seeing mostly blonde in your hair, this will be a change for you as this haircolor is much more dimensional and plays with your natural tones. You’ll likely see a darker root with more lightness through the ends. If you are naturally a lighter to dirty blonde, you may want to talk to your stylist about deepening your root area a shade or two with a toner to get the depth required for the bronde to pop!

Hair by Lauren Knoche @hairslauren

2. Learn to embrace warm tones.

With BRONDE, warmth is your friend. All hair lifts warm naturally, and it’s all about controlling the warmth with this look. We’re not saying you need to be orange or red, but get ready for nice golden colors and honeys, even caramels. This will make the look much more natural and easier to maintain. If you want more ash, you’ll be better off going to a lighter shade instead of living in this bronde moment. 

Hair by Crystal Betke @crystalbetke

3. Bronde can be achieved in MANY different ways

Creating a BRONDE look can be done many different ways. Make sure to bring pictures of what you like to your stylist. Depending on the placement, you may get a balayage, babylight, foilayage or a combination of all three. Balayage is going to be hand painted highlights and have a much more subtle look. Babylights add soft dimension through the root on top to connect the darkness at the top and the lightness at the bottom. Foilayage is a technique to create a balayage look but to be able to push the hair to a lighter shade. For clients with very dark hair, this is necessary to get out of the orange phase so you can be toned back down to a beautiful bronde color. 

Foilayage by Zoe Park

4. You’ll likely need a color toning product to maintain your new color

To get you to your desired result, your stylist will likely have to lighten you a shade or two lighter than the end goal, then use a toner to get you to your perfect shade of bronde. That toner will fade over time, so if you want to stay in this more medium shade you’ll need a shampoo, conditioner, or treatment that has pigment in it to refresh your tone every so often. A great option is the light beige or caramel (depending on your shade of bronde) Fabuloso Color Boosting Treatment



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