Bye, Bye Silver Hair : Hello Warm, Dessert Tones

At last the hair-thrashing trend of silver hair is going going almost gone.

“But silver hair is soooo cute!” you proclaim! 
Yeah, in pictures.

Did you know you have to bleach your hair to the lightest level possible to get that lovely light silver hair? And if you have color on your hair already then kiss that length goodbye.

Check out my girl Sarah, education director for Hairroin salon, break it down in this “Science with Sarah” video on how bleach works.

As a hairdresser I am personally glad to see this trend slowly fade down the drain and make way for crisp cuts and warm tones.

 warm blonde + heavy ends

 Molly (  @_guarducci ) from @hairroinsalonnyc :



 Wella Freelights

1.5 oz powder + 40v developer +Process -40 min

•Shampoo •Blondor seal and care (professional treatment not available for retail)- 5min


9/01+1.9% developer ROOTS TO ENDS -10mins 



"I cut a few inches from her length and gave her a nice blunt line along the perimeter. I then went in with my feather razor and freely cut layers into her hair. She has a nice, natural wavy texture so the razor cut will help enhance her waves to move freely."



"My client took home with her Bumble and bumble Don't Blow It for thick hair. For someone who is low maintenance that product is an absolute must! It will allow her to put a generous amount of product in her damp hair and is ready to go! Her hair will dry into a perfect, non-frizzy, natural, waves style. Effortless perfection!  "


Crisp Cuts

 Angela ( @anglette ) from @hairroinsalon_la : crisp cut, choppy fringe + rich brown all over color


Crisp cuts? What exactly is that? Well after a summer of damage, and color hat weather upon us, we need cleaner lines and that means our fried ends off.  Long , shoulder or cheek bone lines are crisp and so is the fringe, making way for thicker healthier  feeling hair . Now, as for your color?


My friends, it's getting warm up in here... and we at Hairroin Salon and Parlour H couldn't be happier about that. Reason being:

  1. Warm tones tend to be less harsh and look more natural.
  2. There is less lifting (bleaching) involved  when going lighter because we don’t need to cancel out the warm tones.
  3. Less damaging to hair means better looking hair
  4. Tones stay in longer between salon visits.
  5. So many  warm options to choose from !!!!


So go on, get your self some butterscotch highlights. Or perhaps a warm honey glaze? Maybe your feeling a  Chocolate cinnamon brunette ? And the sweet tooth descriptions could keep coming with  the delicious warm tone revolution.



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