Color enhancing products... what to get and when to use them?

Color enhancers are a great way to keep your color looking fresh between hair appointments. We've all been there, you're still another few weeks away from your next appointment but your color has faded, looks dull or has completely lost its tone. But what is best for you to get for a boost to get you through to the next time you see your stylist? Here's a breakdown of what to get for several varying situations:


For a subtle refresh every time you wash, reach for the color shampoos and conditioners in Davines' Alchemic collection. These products offer moisture and color illumination with just a bit of color refreshing action. Their more subtle tones are great for every day or every wash use to keep your tone consistent at home. You can also use it on un-colored hair for added tonality or shine that you feel may be missing. These come in six different shades from silver and honey to copper and chocolate.


If you need a bit more of a boost, reach for Evo's Fabuloso Color Boosting Treatments. These natural toned colors provide an intense amount of pigment in a short time (just 3 minutes!). These can also be used in non-colored hair and are great for any natural hair colors. Best used once a week to keep color vibrant and shiny. They come in 8 different shades ranging from Platinum to cool down blondes that have become brassy, Copper and Purple Red for fading red tones, and warm browns such as Chestnut and Mahogany to Cool Brown for an ashier finish.


If you're feeling a little more daring and have been dreaming of pinks, purples, blues or silvers... go for the KeraColor Color + Clenditioner. This 3-in-1 packs a punch of color and cleanses and conditions all at the same time. Great for refreshing direct pigments or having a little fun with previously lightened hair. And the best part is it is formulated not to stain your hair and washes out easily after a few washes with your regular shampoo! The Clenditioners come in 12... yes TWELVE shades including hot pink, silver blue, blue, purple, and many natural shades as well. 


If you've never tried a color enhancing product, we encourage you to give it a shot... your hair will look the best it has between salon visits than it ever has!


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