Feeling a little salty?

If you already use a salt spray then you know the goodness that comes with it.  Now, not all salt sprays are created equal and we are about to break it down for your salty hair pleasures.

First, how and why we use salt sprays:

Salt spray has long been an editorial stylist's secret weapon to wake up lifeless locks. Remember the saltwater soaked hair of childhood and how effortless it looked when it dried? Don’t believe me? Watch a surf video and peep the dreamy swam-in hair that emerges.  Salt spray can be used in wet or dry hair or both! Prep wet hair with a few spritz at the root and ends. As it dries re-apply and scrunch in to further activate the waves and texture.

Here are some of our top picks:

EVO Salty Dog. This lightweight salt spray with a fine mist can be used again and again without any “sticky ness” or over drying. Don’t be fooled by the term lightweight, this product still packs in a bunch of hold too, so even remotely wavy hair gets pumped up! AND doubles as a great Dry Shampoo with root lift substitute as well… Definitely our #1 pick on the market. 

Bumble and bumble Surf Spray.  Bb is the OG in the salt spray space introducing it to the market in the 90s. And the original still holds up. Straight forward and packing a punch. It also comes in 2 variations: original and Surf Infusion (which adds shine as well as texture). 

R+Co Rockaway. Rock Away is tiny and mighty just a few spritz to wet or dry hair will get it moving.

OUAI Wave Spray.  This spray is soft and subtle, great for chemically treated hair or hair that tends to be on the drier side 

Sachajuan Ocean Mist. Has a soft texture with a bit of matte shine. So it is nice and light weight with a refreshing fragrance. Great for long and curly hair. 



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