Hair loss... What causes it and what YOU can do about it!

It isn’t easy having a discussion about hair loss, as for many it is a very sensitive subject that can really affect their self-esteem. There are two main categories when it comes to hair loss, and or thinning. It’s either GENETIC or REACTIVE.

According to Anabel Kingsley, a leading Trichologist at the Philip Kingsley Clinic in London, "Excessive daily hair shedding (which is known as telogen effluvium) is not reliant on having a genetic predisposition, it occurs as the result of an internal imbalance or upset.”

 -NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES:  An unbalanced diet will affect your scalp and hair. Protein and good fats and oils keep skin and hair strong and hydrated. Anemia or iron deficiency and B12 deficiency are other culprits that are high on the list and are all known to contribute to hair loss.

-STRESS: we have seen a large uptick in clients concerned about hair loss since COVID19. Stress really affects skin and hair alike, depleting it of healthy blood circulation and nutrients. 

-CRASH DIETS: quick weight loss will cause hair loss be it from an unhealthy diet, stress or illness 

-ILLNESS : thyroid conditions and new medications can affect not only hair loss but the texture of your hair often making it feel dry, brittle or like it has a coating on it.

-HORMONAL IMBALANCE: such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause can affect how hair grows, or doesn’t

Hair loss often goes unnoticed until it gets unmanageable. And it can take up to 3 months for hair to start falling out as a result of a reactive “trigger”.

“If you notice excessive daily hair shedding for longer than 3 months, see a trichologist or your General Physician, there could be an underlying factor that needs to be addressed", Kingsley advises. "Very importantly, try not to panic. Telogen effluvium (excessive shedding) is almost always self-eliminating and hair will start to grow back as usual once any internal imbalance is put right".

What is a NORMAL amount of hair to lose? 

“It’s normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day – so if you shampoo daily you can expect to see around 80 strands coming out (with the rest being lost throughout the day). If you shampoo every 3 days, you may see 3 days’ worth of hair fall at once - maybe 250-280 hairs – depending on how often you are brushing or styling your hair in-between washes” says Kingsley.

There's a chance you're genetically predisposed to hair thinning, which means you may see a progressive, gradual reduction in hair volume. "In these instances, certain hair follicles are sensitive to male hormones – and this sensitivity causes follicles to gradually shrink and produce slightly finer and shorter hairs with each passing hair growth cycle," explains Kingsley.


  • Try supplements that are rich in what you're lacking and are attributed to hair growth and hair health. We recommend Viviscal and it’s patented AminoMar complex that targets the hair on the head directly.

  • Scalp gel, lotions and sprays that increase blood circulation really do help! Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. You can’t grow roses on concrete right? You need soft healthy nutrient rich soil to grow… your scalp is no different. We recommend Davines Energizing Gel and the KeraPlant Anti-Hair Loss Treatments.


  • Therapeutic brushing - this is when you intentionally brush your scalp with a soft natural Bristle brush to both slough off dead skin and product buildup, while stimulating blood flow and circulation, waking up that scalp to get to growing. Janine shows you here how to therapeutic brush at home in the video below, and while you’re at it you can also remove buildup with the Oribe Serene Scalp Exfoliating Scrub.




  • Are you a notorious top knot or tight ponytail wearer? Well, stop that. Especially when you go to bed. That pulls and weakens you hair strands and causes breakage
  • Do you have a silk pillowcase? No? Then get one! This will help eliminate frizz and undo the “roughing up” of the hair when you sleep that can lead to breakage and pulling. 
  • Try a microfiber towel for drying your hair after you wash. This is far more gentle on wet vulnerable locks then a rough cotton towel. 

These may seem like small, little things but TRUST us, they will make a huge difference in the health and growth of your hair. 


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