Oh Man! I am so excited to see this trend come right back around! I can remember it like it was yesterday … 

It was 1998, and I was equipped with blue powder bleach and 40 volume developer (don't worry I was expertly directed to these products at my local Sally Beauty Supply). Wielding a used toothbrush and kitchen tin foil, I generously applied bleach to a 2 ½ inch thick chunk in the front of my head. I was in the 11th grade and I already had built a strong following of updo clients… and now I would be able to “chunk” their hair for them. At $10 a head, I transformed highschool friend after highschool friend in my bathroom (thank you mom), and NOW the trend that launched my passion for color is here again!!! Many years later but here nonetheless… the money piece! 

Simple enough, this is just slice highlights back to back in the top front of the hair, making for a bold, bright, face framing piece. Now back and better than ever, instead of a brassy stand-out yellow of yesterday years, we have more cohesive stand out pops set against creamy balayage and teasy lights. With so many of us having to grow out our natural hue due to the current circumstances, this is a great way to easily change up your color without a complete overhaul or high maintenance commitment. A bold paper white for bright blondes, creamy caramel for brunettes, peachy pink on our redheads. Any way you “slice “ it this looks works for all hair types (except for bangs… darn!). So go get you that money $$$.

Here are some I have found with a little Pinteresting that I love:

For natural blondes, this bright blonde works seamlessly - 

For dark blondes or light browns, this creamy but bright blonde really pops - 

For rich brunettes, a caramel plays off the warmth and keeps things cohesive - 

For reds, stay in the red family with a copper or peachy blonde - 

AND for those a little more daring... try a sideburn money piece or ONLY a high contrast money piece. Placement will be crucial for these!



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