What will the salon be like when I go back?

Salons have been closed for 8 weeks ...What now? 

As COVID-19 took us all to a screeching halt mid-March we were still scratching our heads as hairstylists and salon owners and have no real answers. When can we get back to work? And what does the new normal look like for the time being for salons? Here is some info… although vague, but hopefully it can shed some light on what to expect nonetheless. 



It’s different state to state, county to county. Your best bet is to check with your salon’s Facebook, Instagram and website for dates. Also if they have a wait list get on it now!


It will be a slow open to start. One-to-one client to stylist appointments, with half occupancy. No waiting in the salon, no extra side conversations with you, or your friends/family/pets. No blow drys (as it can blow potentially harmful bacteria around the salon). Additional set up and disinfecting time will be scheduled between clients. Clients will wear face masks and Stylists both a mask and shield. Temperatures will be taken at the door, and no cash transactions. Be on time, be patient, be flexible and please reschedule ahead of time should you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has. We know this isn’t the welcome back you expected and deserve, but we hope this is temporary and we as stylists want to do all that we can to protect ourselves and our clients. 


Why even work like this? Why not wait?  Beyond the obvious of needing to save our business, there’s more to doing hair, it makes us feel more normal. Being able to cheer our clients up, connect and make them feel great is why we do what we do. Watching everyone from home struggle to cut bangs and desperate for a root touch up has been painful. But we get it! We’re always here for our clients' big, hard and happy moments. Whether it’s weddings, funerals, break ups and babies, we’re one of the first people you share the news with and we’re there to celebrate with you or dry your tears and give you a hug… or just take you blonde to fix it. The last few months we couldn’t physically be there for our people, our community. So that’s why we're coming back, following the rules because we need to connect with you just as bad as you need those bangs and roots fixed.  

We’re all in this together and we recognize just how important having your hair done is. It’s just one of the many steps we will take toward feeling better as a community.

Stay safe and many thanks to all the loyal clients out there.



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