What's the deal with natural products?

More and more clients and stylists alike are increasingly concerned with the ingredients in their products. Often wanting a “natural “ option when it comes to hair care. Now, it’s a nice idea to use all natural products, but they are not all created equal. There are some that can cause great harm to your hair because they are not refined or just too harsh. So it’s important to use brands that are not just natural, but high performance. Here are two great lines we love here at Parlour H: 

Recently we started working with a company in Italy that has a natural line called KERAPLANT Nature. Nature and technology are combined to create innovative formulas made of active phytoextracts, plant derivatives, flowers and natural raw materials. They use raw materials with low-environmental impact extraction techniques and certified natural active ingredients with proven effectiveness. This company has a proven commitment to reducing environmental pollution. It has a small line that has just launched in the states this year and their main effort is to help with scalp conditions and concerns such as dandruff, sensitized scalp, hair-loss, and sebum control.  Shampoo and topical series combinations make it easy to have some natural solutions for any scalp need.  Additionally they have a great natural mask, Nutri-Repair that flies off shelves.

Davines Authentic is one of our favorite lines that has an all natural offering of their own. The coolest part about these products is that they can be interchangeable for face, body and hair!

Face, hair and body wash -  Authentic Cleansing Nectar
A leave on cream for face, hair and body - Authentic Moisturizing Balm
An amazing hair, face and body oil - Authentic Nourishing Oil
There is a face, hair and body cream - Authentic Replenishing Butter

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