A Must : Why You Should Use a Leave-In Conditioner

As redundant as the product might sound, especially for those of us that use a regular conditioner after we shampoo, it's kind of a magical product that gets your hair ready to be its very best. In makeup terms you can think of it as the primer to your foundation. (Which I am still actually still trying to figure out but rumor has it, its essential to flawless makeup… but that’s a whole  other rant.)  So leave in conditioner!

Here are my top 5 reasons you need it and my picks for hair type/texture:

  1. You swim. 

    You need a leave-in to neutralize the chlorine before and after you take the plunge. Getting your hair wet with tap water and leave-in will help even out the porosity and fill your hair with fresh water and leave-in so the chlorine will not absorb any further into your hair. Rinse after you're done with your swim and finish with your leave-in to further neutralize any residual chlorine that could turn hair green and cause damage and breakage due to the metallic deposits.

My favorite for this it the KERACOLOR Purify Plus for regular to thick hair and Purify Plus Lite for fine hair.


2. You color your hair.

Color fades with each wash largely in part to the change in Ph levels of your hair. This is from the water and cleanser. A leave-in conditioner helps even out that Ph getting your color to last longer and be more reflective. One of my favorites for this is Minu Hair Serum from Davines. It's ideal for all types of colored hair and is designed to protect and illuminate colored hair as well as detangle and give shine. Dudes (!), your color will sparkle with this one. For something a little lighter weight I would go for the Oribe Foundation Mist. It's virtually weightless and has SPF protection too!


3. You have curly hair.

Curly hair can be more on the dry side so an extra moisture boost is a must. Try Bumble and Bumble Curl Primer. This is my jammmm. I have curly hair and wash maybe once a week. So almost every morning I refresh my hair with this lil beauty. It reactivates curls and isn’t heavy so I can keep layering it.


 4. Hair is dry, damaged, and hard to manage.

You need help smoothing that cuticle down and evening out your porosity so it doesn’t take half a year for your hair to dry. (Damaged hair holds on to water longer because its very porous like a sponge). These two leave-ins also happen to be Hairroin salons best sellers. Oribe Supershine and Davines All In One Milk. 

 5. You are a product junky or hair is just hard to brush.

Try a leave-in conditioner that is extra light weight and performance enhancing. (Meaning it helps the other products your use work better in your hair and at the same time offer protection from styling.) Or if you just have hard-to-comb hair either of these will work great and feel totally weightless. Bumble and bumble H.I.O Primer and Davines Dede Leave In . 



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