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HI Hairdressers! You found us!

We are Parlour H. The worlds first online salon. We want you to be a part of our good hair gang!

 So what does that even mean?

 Well, we know you work hard on your clients every day, honing your skills and expertise. We also know your clients look to YOU for their at home hair care. You know your client’s hair- what they should use, and how they should use it. Parlour H makes it easy for your clients to purchase what they need, all as you EARN, LEARN and GROW with every purchase.

Check it:

1.EARN: 20% commission for the products your clients purchase. And no need to carry inventory or ship, PH takes care of it.

 2.LEARN: ongoing education for our Pro Partners, and easy how too videos for their clients.

 3.GROW: your business. When clients purchase professional products there is a 50% higher chance of them returning to you. We have easy to follow coaching tools and education courses to make sure you're thriving not just surviving.

With Parlour H, you get to be part of a team that supports your individuality and growth. We have tools like our one of a kind hair quiz  to help you with the product selection process. Virtual consultations and education. Gone are the days of you texting, and writing on scrap paper what your client should use or how to use it. We have it all in one tidy place. Oh ya… you get paid for your expertise and it's FREE to sign up. YES PLEASE!

Sign up here to become a Parlour H Pro Partner and get your code today by filling out the form below:

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